How Social Media helps SEO ranking factor?

Since everything has moved to the internet because of the ease with which people can now sit in one corner of the world and be at another virtually, people have become crazy about winning at the game of SEO.

It is a war that goes around between website developers who want to gain better search traffic and get more audience to visit their website.

To understand this digital war, you should have an idea regarding SEO and what it means. In simple terms, SEO means search engine optimization. As the name suggests, it is optimizing your website in such a way that when a user enters a query in a search engine with the keyword of your website, they should see your website among the highest results.

Understanding the working of Search Engines and SEO

Depending upon the content, the design, sources and images that your website provides, the search engine goes through it scanning everything and then indexing your website. Depending upon this index, your website appears in the search results.

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Your aim should be to make your website in such a way that when a query appears, the search engine takes your website out and shows it as the most relevant. There are many strategies that exist to help you with SEO.

Here, we will be looking at the question of whether social media has any contribution to SEO. This question has been going around a lot recently. Firstly, because of the extensive use of social media by the population and secondly because people want to know if they can optimize their website using this tool.

The simple answer to this question is yes. Social media has an impact on the SEO of your website and it’s important to work on your social media and SEO strategy. But the understanding of most people on how social media helps SEO is wrong. To gain a better insight, let us look at this in a little more depth.

Social Media Does Not Directly Boost SEO

When encountered with the thought that whether social media directly boosts the SEO ranking of a website, most people think that the answer is yes.

Social Signals

This is not true at all. For search engines, social media is a weak source. It is also unreliable and search engines don’t crawl through millions of posts made each day. Thus, even though a social media post contains a link to your website, it will not send out a ranking signal to the search engine.

Social Media and its help in SEO Ranking

Even though social media does not have a direct effect on SEO, but you can still use it to your advantage to stand tall with a user making a query in a search engine. There are certain ways in which social SEO can be your friend.

Social Media and links to your website

Social signals are one of the important factors to boost to website search ranking factor. Suppose you make a post with a link to your website, even though this won’t have a direct effect on the ranking, but with more shares on social networks, you will reach out to more people. With more people visiting your website, there is a higher chance of them seeing your content and linking to it.

A case study was conducted where a website link was shared over 130,000 times on Facebook and shot up to first position pertaining to the keywords.

If you create a high-quality piece of content and attract visitors, you are more likely to get links from other websites.

Targeting Audience

Suppose you make the best website out there. You have a perfect content and an attractive user interface. You are sure that the people who come to visit your website will leave in a state of awe. But you don’t target your audience and leave it to the web to get you your visitors.

If people don’t see your website, how will they know such a thing exists?

To generate more traffic on your website and enter the competitive market of today’s world, you have to reach people where they are. Social media has the highest population of users. You can use this to your advantage. You have to make sure your targeted audience knows you are out there waiting for them to make a move.

Making your Brand Trustworthy

This point is directly linked with the previous one. This is also a step that requires patience. Nothing happens overnight. You have to work hard to gain the trust of your visitors. The more people you target through social media, the larger number of people you attract to your website, and eventually larger the population you can gain the trust of.

This will mean that even if your website is not the first one in the search result if more and more people seem to trust it, they will still click on it as long as it is in front of their eyes.

If you make a search regarding steps to take care of a pet, for instance, you are most likely to open Wikihow as it is more trusted to give you a step-by-step breakdown as compared to a random website that might appear at the top of the results page.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to build a larger audience, make your brand bigger and target the people who would not have otherwise been able to find you.

Promotion of your website

Just like any other search engine, Youtube also has a huge search base. In order to promote your website to gain visitors, you can create promotional videos and upload them. This will also result in a positive influence on your SEO performance.

There are examples of websites which have used this strategy to gain a better ranking on the search engines.

Creating Partnerships

It has become increasingly difficult to build an audience on your own. This leaves a question as to whether you should foster relationships with similar struggling brands to get a higher targeted audience.

This is one of the ways you can get better reach if you both work together to promote one another. You can gain access to the audience your partner might be targeting and vice versa.


To give this question a rest, we have explored a few ways in which you can use social media as a positive influence for your website.

But this in no way means that social media contributes to the direct ranking of your website or better performance at SEO. Search engines do not have the time to scan through every post that is made on social media. But rest assured, you can certainly use it to your advantage.